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Polythene isn't the problem, People are!
There is no doubt that the environment is our most important resource. As such we must protect it at all costs.

The Chemistry of Plastics
Ever wondered how plastics such as packaging supplies are made? Or even what theyíre made from? This brief introduction into the chemistry of plastics will get you thinking and hopefully eager to learn more!

Is introducing a plastic bag charge policy a good idea?
The conservative MP Zac Goldsmith has proposed a new policy where by plastic bag usage will be charged to reduce the amount of plastic bags that are wasted.

Polythene Stretch Film
Polythene Stretch Film is one of the most commonly used packaging items used on the globe. Due to its low cost and high strength, it is incredibly effective at securing goods to pallets.

Biodegradeable & Compostable Bags
UK polythene manufacturers have used innovation to meet the challenge of an industry with real environmental issues. The number of polythene bags used by the global population is almost beyond comprehension.

Multi Purpose Polythene Products
Polythene bags have become a staple of home and office. Retailers, food chains and homeowners have made the polythene bag a very useful carrying and packaging tool.

Polythene for Home & Office
Flexothene are thinking about you and your business every day. The industry in the UK is robust and not showing any signs of slowing in the future.

Penchmanís Polythene Discovery
Hans von Penchman discovered polythene in the 19th century. The scientist accidently found the compound while heating Diazomethane (CH2N2) another of his inventions.