Polythene and Plastic are not the problem, people are!

polythene recyclingEveryday there are conversations condemning the use of plastic and polythene as they are considered a huge environmental problem. Polythene packaging and plastic products have been branded a nuisance and sadly, this wrong perception is gradually being accepted as the truth. Unfortunately the case for plastic and polythene has not been fought strongly enough and there are few defenders to stand up and tell the truth on this most sensitive matter.

There is no doubt that the environment is our most important resource. As such we must protect it at all costs. However, in the process of protecting the environment, we must always be guided by truth and reason. In line with this we must ask ourselves if plastic and polythene the most hazardous products people use. Every day in our homes and offices we use many different products that are more dangerous and harmful to people and the environment than polythene and plastic will ever be. They are quite tame if you compare them to the hazard or danger posed by bleach and other laundry products, printer cartridges, pesticides, cosmetics and many other products we use on a day to day basis. Since they are obviously not the most dangerous products in use within our homes and businesses, why is it that they get so much attention as regards to the problems they cause?

Attitudes to Plastic

The plastic and polythene problem has been, is and will continue to receive so much focus simply because we do not have the right attitude. While everyone is careful when handling items or products that pose immediate danger, we are very careless in handling anything that will not immediately harm us. Compared to a lot of other products we, plastic waste management and recycling is simpler and cheaper. However, since we do not suffer immediate consequences we are not as keen as we should be when handling plastic and polythene.

If every one of us embraced, reuse, recycling and proper disposal, the problem of plastics and polythene posing a danger to our environment would be eradicated. If as much effort as is put into campaigning against it was put into educating people on why and how to handle plastics, we would gradually see a shift in people’s attitudes and the plastic and polythene problem will be dealt with once and for all. Next time the discussion comes up, you too can play a part in helping people change their attitudes by reminding them that the problem is not with the product but rather with those who use or misuse it.

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