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The History of Polythene

Polythene was accidentally discovered by a 19th century scientist called Hans von Penchmann. Penchmann discovered the plastic whilst heating a chemical compound called Diazomethane (CH2N2), which he himself had discovered. He and his colleagues named the white substance they had created “Polymethylene” (now shortened to Polyethylene, or more popularly Polythene).

Although this was the first discovery of Polythene, the plastic as we know it today (suitable for industrial use) was not discovered until 1933, when an oxygen contaminated ethylene/benzaldehyde experiment by Eric Fawcett and Reginald Gibson resulted in a similar white, waxy substance. This accident was further refined in to a reproducible process by scientist Michael Perrin, 2 years later.

Polythene Uses

Penchmann’s discovery has become the most popular plastic in the world. Because of its ease of production, cost effectiveness and excellent strength properties, it is used in millions of different applications, from consumer based products such as food packaging and cling film, to large scale industrial operations such as cable insulation and extrusion coating.

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